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What’s The Difference Between Circle Lens & Colored Contacts?

If you haven’t spent a lot of time shopping for colored lenses yet, you might not be sure about the difference between normal contact lenses and circle lenses. The number one difference in the two types of lenses is that circle lenses will make your eyes look larger, a really flattering look for most women. These lenses are offered in different sizes in diameter 14.0mm, 14.2mm, 14.5mm, 14.8mm, and 15mm- slightly larger than common contact lenses.


The thick black rim around the colored circle lenses is what makes the iris of your eye appear larger. In regularly colored contact lens, that band is usually transparent. That means that colored contact lenses will only change the color of your iris, but they won’t make your eyes look any bigger. In other way, circle lens will have an extended black rim around your iris and it makes your eyes appear to be larger at the same time changing your iris color.

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Circle lenses are also famous in its design and colorful selection where most of the common contact lenses are limited to 2-3 color per design, while circle lenses could have up to 8 colors per design. We offer a wide range of selection in color and design, with more than 650++ options to choose on, you will surely find your perfect pair from us anytime.

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