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How to Use Yogurt to Deep Clean and Soften Skin

Yogurt is an excellent health food that’s not only good for boosting the immune system but is also good to use on your skin. Yogurt contains lactic acid, which gently exfoliates and smooths your skin. Some people swear by yogurt as a weapon against acne. Create a gentle facial paste to clean and soften your skin.


    • 1

      Wash your hands before handling and combining the ingredients.

    • 2

      Combine the yogurt, clay, tea tree oil and water in a bowl to form a paste. Mix the ingredients thoroughly. Add a bit more water if the mixture is too thick.


    • 3

      Apply the paste to your face with your fingers, avoiding the eye area. Massage the paste onto the skin using a circular motion.

    • 4

      Leave the paste on 15 minutes. Do not touch your face during that time frame.

    • 5

      Rinse off the paste with warm water. Follow up with a high-quality moisturizer.



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