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Special Effects Contact Lenses

Top 7 Special Effects Contact Lenses to Try

There are so many crazy special effects lenses to try out. Just browse through any online shop, and you will feel like you just hit the jackpot. But, if you are trying to be choosy, then we can help you with the very best of the special effects contact lenses to try:


1. Mystery Red Colored Contact Lenses

Let’s all be very honest. Every one of us would love to look like a vampire for even just a minute. And you can exactly do that with these fabulous scary vampire contact lenses. Whether just for a themed party or Halloween, you cannot go wrong with these. They are very comfortable and the red color gives a feisty impression. If you have normal eyesight, you don’t need a prescription for them and they last 12 months.

2. Black Wolf Colored Contact Lenses

Well, not everybody is team Edward; some of us were rooting for Jacob too. And, if anybody wants to unleash his animal side on Halloween night, who are we to blame them? You can use those for any kind of fancy dress party too. They are super soft and comfortable to wear. Last up to 12 months.

3. Zombie Curse Colored Contact Lenses

If you are more of a The Walking Dead fan, then these are perfect for you. It comes in various colors, so perfect for a whole gang. They provide almost full coverage and help create a blanked out look. Be freaky, spooky, and scary at your cosplay party. You will be in the spotlight.

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4. Eye of Sauron Contact Lenses

Any Lord of The Rings fan will tremble upon seeing these! Every Tolkien fan should try this flaming Eye of Sauron! These are super soft and have smooth edges. They also protect from the UV rays, which means they are safe and protect your eyes.

5. Ciel’s Contract White Colored Contact Lenses

Want to create a fabulous and mysterious look? Flaunt these cool Ciel white colored contact lenses along with your stylish costume and create an impactful entrance. They may slightly obstruct your vision but don’t worry it is not going to affect your natural vision. These contact lenses allow high-level moisture so your eyes are not irritated.

6. Reptile Glow Colored Contact Lenses

Take the Halloween costume party to a whole new level with these Reptile Glow Colored Contact Lenses. The yellow color feline look is unmissable. The black center and the yellow outer creates quite an impact, upgrading the complete look. They are perfect to wear at night. These are soft lenses and high-quality material.

7. Hellfire Black-Red Colored Contact Lenses

Bring some raze and fire to the eye with these special effects contact lenses. Add a realness to your Halloween costume or a theme party. These lenses are durable up to 12 months.

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