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Top 10 Colored Contacts for this Halloween:

1. Gold Vampire Halloween contacts, similar to the ones Edward Cullen wore in Twilight, will give you the seductive, golden amber eyes that you need to complete your vampire costume.

2. Vampire Red Halloween contacts are a deep blood-red color, just like the Volturi vampire’s eyes.

3. Black Out Halloween contacts give off a spooky effect, since the black also covers the iris.

4. White Out Halloween contacts make your whole eye white, except for your pupil. This is one of the most popular special effect contact lens styles.

5. Rave Halloween contacts glow under black light. Perfect for Halloween and other parties. These glow lenses are available in blue, pink, yellow, and green.

6. White Cat Eyes Halloween contacts will turn you into a sexy feline. Also comes in a popular red color.

7. Angelic Blue Halloween contacts make your eyes a bright and heavenly blue. Popular all year round.

8. Temptress Halloween contacts are bright pink and sure to mesmerize everyone at your party.

9. Manson Halloween contacts feature a white iris with a black outline, similar to the ones worn by the rock star.

10. LeStat Halloween contacts are a cool black and light blue, and similar to the contacts used in Interview with the Vampire.

Contact lenses aren’t just for people who need vision correction. You can wear them even if you can see perfectly. Plus, you can wear them more than once, which means more enjoyment at different events.

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