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Do Colored Contacts For Dark Eyes Really Work

Tips For Colored Contacts Newbies

So you purchased your lenses the right way — but that’s just the beginning. For first-time colored contact wearers, Hamada says that it’s best to start slow. “If you’re a first-timer, it’s best to wear them for less than five hours or what your eye doctor recommends,” she explains. “You can gradually increase the amount of wear time, but never sleep in any contact lenses,” she warns, adding that keeping lenses in overnight can cause damage when you wake up. If you’re a regular contact wearer and have consulted a doctor before use, Hamada says go forth your with your bright eyes.

The bottom line, Hamada says, is to consider your health first. “Although costume contact lenses for Halloween may seem like a great addition to your look, it’s important to be aware of the potentially permanent damage that can happen to your eyes while wearing them,” she says. “Even if you wear these contacts for a couple of hours, it’s still not a good idea. Halloween comes and goes each year. Your vision doesn’t.”

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