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2. Dragon Rings

The Mystical world of the Dragon Rings and Halloween Costume

The dragon is a fantastic animal that looks like a reptile with a solid, resilient body. It is known to have at least one head, wings, and a tail. They are colossal in size with enormous teeth and horns and are often depicted in pictures to be spewing flares, which makes them look even more scary and intimidating. But still, dragons are very commonly found on emblems, banners, outfits, and gem work.

The Dragon and What It Stands for Different Cultures

Dragons find their way into the folktales in many countries, but interestingly the manner in which individuals see them is very distinct in each country. For example, in China and Japan, dragons were considered as gods. As indicated by Oriental folklore, a dragon has the body of a snake but does not have the wings that we sometimes find in some other cultures. In the Oriental, it is considered a supporter of all living things and saving them from unforeseen dangers.

In the west, however, the dragon is perceived completely differently. It is shown as a beastly animal with a huge body, long neck and learning wings which has devil like characteristics and a seen as a signification of death and destruction.

Similarly, in Eastern European folklore, the dragon is shown as a gigantic, shrewd three-headed flying snake, which must be annihilated by removing every one of his heads.

The three-headed dragon is known as a destroyer and an epitome of wickedness, which demolishes and consumes towns just as grabs delightful ladies. Loaded with different indecencies, the dragon can only be defeated by someone who is a bold and courageous hero who is ready to challenge its might and fury.

Dragon rings in the mainstream

Given how the dragon is this larger-than-life creature in various cultures, it finds its way into the mainstream, not only appearing in paintings, sculpture, architecture but also in masquerade, dresses and gothic jewellery.

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So much so that the intrigue associated with the dragons has made dragon rings a popular accessory and a big fashion statement both amongst men and women. Dragon and dragon rings have come to be so popular to the point that there are even a couple of motion pictures about them.

Understanding The Dragon Ring Energy

The Dragon rings carry and depict the energy of mythical beasts in different ways. Usually, since the ring is small, we only end up observing the head of the dragon, but the rings are more intricately designed that it might seem on first glance.

In some cultures since the dragon is the protector from the misfortune and evil, many people wear it as shield to wade off the negative energies. It is considered that the one who wears a dragon ring is easily able to scare away evil sprits and stay protected.

How to know the dragon ring best suited for you

There are certain guidelines, which need to be followed while wearing the dragon rings. Like for example, if men are wearing it then it’s ideal for them to wear it on the left hand. For the ladies, they can draw maximum benefit by wearing it in the right hand. It is believed that you tend to develop an enormous amount of positive energy around the dragon ring that you wear.

Accordingly to Chinese calendar, if you are born in the year of the tiger then you will obtain positive vitality and a good quality to your life by wearing a big dragon ring. On the flip side if you are born in the Dog year as per the Chinese calendar then it’s best to avoid wearing a dragon ring, as it’s believed to be not very auspicious. So it’s also interesting how different cultures give different guidelines to wear the ring.

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In spite of the fact that men’s mythical dragon rings are somewhat huge, they don’t appear to stand out in a way that is unattractive. Actually, it all depends on the quality of the craftsmen who have crafted the ring. For female fingers, gem specialists create smaller and increasingly exquisite rings. As far as plan and size, dragon rings can be for casual everyday wear as well as all those special events like a wedding or a party.

In the event that you are searching for a men’s winged serpent ring for everyday use, then you can pick a seal or round ring with dragon embellishing or etching. However, for amicable and casual social gatherings and hangouts, there are huge rings highlighting the majestic dragon tails and shimmering stone trims.

Dragon rings and halloween costume are really cool accessories to wear and if you know how to style yourself with the right kind of dragon ring, then you are bound to draw some mystique from these amazing mythological creatures.





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