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Add these Halloween songs to your party playlist


There’s so much to do before the spooky season begins, especially if you’re hosting a Halloween party. And while you still have some time to sort out your Halloween decorations and DIY costumes, it’s never too early to start building your party playlist with tons of classic, fun and downright scary Halloween songs. After all, ...

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65 Funny Halloween Quotes From Movies


Halloween is coming up faster than you can say, “Beetlejuice!” That means it’s time to start nailing down your plans for the spookiest day of the year. We’re talking decorations, costumes, activities and just about everything else that’ll make this year’s Halloween the most magical one yet. While you’re at it, start collecting a ...

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45 Best Things to Do on Halloween For Kids and Adults

Plan a surprise for trick-or-treaters

Witches and warlocks, get ready to light a fire under those cauldrons because Halloween is a-brewing! As the spooky season nears, it’s time to start plotting your costumes, dusting off your Halloween decorations and planning all the fun things you can do on Halloween this year. With so many options to choose ...

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15 Scary Couples Costumes for a Killer Halloween


You typically leave the gross, wicked and downright disturbing characters to your favorite horror flicks, but Halloween is a time to embrace all things creepy and weird. While some people show off their funny bone with pun-filled costumes, you and your S.O. get a bigger thrill by tapping into the holiday’s serious ...

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21 Ways to Wear a Wig This Halloween


Some people find costume wigs to be too itchy, difficult to keep on straight, or hot. But hear us out, because when it comes to Halloween, there’s no better way to nail your costume’s accuracy — and to have some fun — than by wearing faux hair. For those who ...

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How to Copy Black Widow’s Hairstyles For Halloween

Black Widow

Anytime a film or television show’s release gets as much hype as Marvel’s Black Widow did this year, you can almost guarantee that a few of the characters will inspire a slew of Halloween costumes. Fighting crime may not come to you as easily as it does Scarlett Johansson and her costars in the movie, ...

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Show off your colorful hair or wigs this Halloween with a costume that highlights it like never before


Show off your colorful hair or wigs this Halloween with a costume that highlights it like never before. Step out as a redhead with a Little Mermaid-inspired look or take your pink-splattered hair to the next level when you channel Suicide Squad‘s Harley Quinn. Try out multicolored hair with a dreamy pastel twist or rock an edgy black-and-white Cruella ...

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In 2019 year Halloween falls on fifth Thursday of October


Halloween, also called All Hallows’ Eve, is a yearly holiday observed on October 31, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows (or All Saints). All Hallows’ Eve is a Christianised feast influenced by western European harvest festivals, and pagan festivals of the dead, particularly the festival of Samhain among ...

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The Mystical world of the Dragon Rings and Halloween Costume

2. Dragon Rings

The dragon is a fantastic animal that looks like a reptile with a solid, resilient body. It is known to have at least one head, wings, and a tail. They are colossal in size with enormous teeth and horns and are often depicted in pictures to be spewing flares, which makes them look even more ...

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