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Halloween Party Game: Act & React

Act & React

Have thespian partygoers jot down a bunch of ooky, spooky, or kooky Halloween-y scenarios to act and react to. (Think: Dracula has come to suck your blood!) Throw these gems into a plastic pumpkin, then have one person draw and act out their scenario while others guess along.

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Halloween Party Game: Donuts on a String

Donuts on a String

Donut underestimate how tasty a little competitive eating can be. To play, string donuts spaced out on a long stick (a broom is totally witchy!) Then, blindfold guests, tie their hands behind their backs, and have them race to see who finishes first.

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Halloween Party Game: Witch, Zombie, Ghost

Witch, Zombie, Ghost

On the count of three, all partygoers have the option to “transform” into a zombie, witch, or ghost. The zombie stretches their arms out in front of them; the witch lifts her arms overhead in a triangle shape (think pointy hat); the ghost stretches their arms out to the sides ...

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