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45 Best Things to Do on Halloween For Kids and Adults

Plan a surprise for trick-or-treaters

Witches and warlocks, get ready to light a fire under those cauldrons because Halloween is a-brewing! As the spooky season nears, it’s time to start plotting your costumes, dusting off your Halloween decorations and planning all the fun things you can do on Halloween this year. With so many options to choose ...

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Halloween Game: Cup Knock Down

Cup Knock Down

Draw little faces on white cups and assemble them in a tower. Kids can then try to knock as many as they can down with a small ball. Whoever gets the most is the winner!

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Halloween Game: Bean-Bag Toss Pumpkins

Bean-Bag Toss Pumpkins

This year, get two spooky season activities for the price of one: carve your pumpkins into a fun bean-bag toss. To make this game, cut a large hole in the bottom of one large and one medium pumpkin and scoop out the pulp and seeds. Trace this face template onto the pumpkins, scaling up ...

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Halloween Game: Halloween Heads Up

Halloween Heads Up

Everyone has to write down a Halloween word on a post-it. Then, one person picks a word from the pile (without looking!) and tries to guess what it is based on the clues. Halloween Game

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Five Themes for Halloween Costume Parties


Planning a Halloween bash? You might be wondering if you need a theme for your Halloween party. You don’t absolutely need one, but it can definitely make your party a little more interesting to have one. Halloween costume parties are the best types of themed celebrations to host, because they ...

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Kids Halloween Party Themes

Digital Image by Sean Locke
Digital Planet Design

Kids Halloween parties are always tons of fun, and loved by all, but why not try putting a spin on the Halloween party you throw every year? Kids Halloween party themes are a great way to change up your classic Halloween party. Whether you use your kid Halloween party theme ...

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Adult Halloween Party Themes

Portrait of hungry vampire family on a gray background

Plan a splendid party and add extra excitement with adult Halloween party themes. Choosing a theme will be incredibly helpful when it’s time to plan the menu, decorations, and costumes. Provide information about the theme of the party on the Halloween invitation so that guests can plan in advance and ...

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Fun Halloween Games for Little Ghosts


Incorporate a few fun Halloween games for kids into your monster bash. Having games at your Halloween party will keep the children entertained and having fun. When deciding what games to play pick ones that are age appropriate, easy to play, and accommodate all of the children at the party. ...

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