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How to Read Prescriptions of Contact Lenses?


There are times that you need to learn your lens information because you have to tell it to another doctor or to inform your family and friends who are quite curious about it. Not so much information can be found on the label, so you need to learn about this. ...

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How to Know if I Am Still Wearing My Contact Lenses?


Even experienced ones may lose track of them, especially if they have gotten used to them or are very comfortable wearing one.  There is always a chance that contacts may have fallen out or may have taken some stroll, especially if you feel weird about your eyes. There are times ...

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Are contact lenses safe for children?

children contact lens

When it comes to contact lenses, the first question that comes to the mind of every parent is are contact lenses safe for children? As per ophthalmologist, this question is asked by almost every parent when their children first express an interest in wearing contact lenses. The most important aspect ...

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9 Travel Tips with Contact Lenses


Whether you’re traveling for pleasure or for business, it is natural that you may find it hard to stick to your normal routine. You may skip your daily fitness regimen or overindulge in food or party till late in the night. In all this, you may sometimes fail to follow ...

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Can You wear halloween contacts over prescription contacts

Make sure you always wash your hands and dry them thoroughly before you handle your contact lenses. Make it a habit to regularly and carefully clean your contact lenses as suggested by your optometrist/ophthalmologist. Always store your lenses in the lens storage case. Remember to replace the case after every ...

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COVID-19 and your eyes

Contact Lenses

Coronavirus can spread through the eyes — just as it does through the mouth or nose — through virus particles sprayed from the mouth or nose of an infected person, according to Frank Hwang, MD, ophthalmologist and cornea service director at Loma Linda University Health. “It’s more likely to breathe these tiny droplets in through ...

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Woman who sold fake contact lenses fined £2500


A Newcastle woman has been fined £2500 after she sold fake contact lenses through her Facebook business page. Zahra Gillani, 31, was convicted of selling and possessing counterfeit goods as well as applying labels identical to, or likely to be mistaken for, a registered trademark. A BBC report describing the case highlighted that ...

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Don’t wear your contact lenses in the shower


People who were contact lenses in the shower are at greater risk of losing their eyesight, according to a new study. The research reportedly found that people who wear their lenses while showering are seven times more likely to develop an eyesight-threatening infection. Researchers at the University of Southampton found ...

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