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What coloured contacts does Kylie Jenner Wear?

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner has become style icon thanks to her famous family’s reality to show and her own incredible social media following. Kylie Jenner is known for wearing many different styles and fashion and the same can be said for her beauty routine. She has mostly been seen in lenses that ...

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Read This Before Wearing Coloured Contacts For Halloween

halloween-colored-contacts-makeup (64)

Certain aspects of a Halloween costume, like a wig, can make or break your look. What’s a clown without red curls or Dora The Explorer without her chin-length bob? Makeup is just as important, but one costume puzzle piece that often goes overlooked is contact lenses. A set of temporary gray ...

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Do you put Coloured contacts in before or after makeup?

halloween-colored-contacts-makeup (71)

ost newbie contact lenses wearers are often confused on should they wear their contacts before or after applying makeup. So, what really comes first, the contact former or latter? YOU SHOULD ALWAYS PUT YOUR CONTACTS FIRST. Why? First, you don’t want to smear your makeup. So, wear your lenses first ...

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How Get a Free Pair of Colored Contacts?


How Get a Free Pair of Colored Contacts? It is easy, just step by step: Shop with us www.buying-beauty.com post your picture reviews on facebook. need info: Product Pictures, after wear pictures and our website address www.buying-beauty.com share and invite your friends to “Like” 50+ Likes, we will offer you US$19.99 ...

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How To Choose Colored Contact Lenses for Men


Colored contact lenses can take ordinary eye-color to extraordinary eye color. For men it can be like the cosmetic no one knows you are wearing. If Mother Nature gave you less than memorable eye color, you can jazz it up by going blue, green or chocolate brown. There are even ...

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Wearing Contact Lenses

Colorful eye.

Coloured contact lenses are easy to use and take care of. If you have never worn contact lenses before it might seem daunting, but with a few simple pointers and a bit of practice you’ll be able to wear any of our lenses with ease. When you wear contact lenses ...

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