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Prescription Halloween Contacts – Safe Costume Lenses

Prescription Halloween contact lenses are safe to use and pose no or very little risk to your eyes. The FDA recommends that you buy prescription contact lenses whether or not you suffer from astigmatism, nearsightedness or farsightedness.

Since all types of contact devices, including opaques are classified as medical devices, you must obtain a prescription from an eye doctor in order to get prescription Halloween lenses. The novelty costume lenses you will get with an eye doctor’s prescription are safe to wear and do not pose the side effects, risks or dangers that may come with nonprescription ones discussed below.

Generally, prescription eye lenses cost higher than no prescription eye costumes. You will need to see an eye doctor before you can buy the devices for your costume. In the end though, you will prevent risks such as eye infections, scratched eyes, discomfort and many others. Another disadvantage of prescription ones is that you may not find as many varieties of lenses as you would with no prescription.


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