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Olivia Culpo

Olivia Culpo Wears Colored Contacts In Stunning Snapshots

Former Miss Universe, fashion influencer and model Olivia Culpo has shown a willingness to switch things up on her popular Instagram feed, sharing photos that feature her posing in a variety of garments, as well as in different locations. With her two-pic update on June 20, the 28-year-old took that willingness to a new level by altering her eye color with a pair of tinted contact lenses.


In the slideshow, Culpo’s face was featured in striking detail as her normally dark brown eyes suddenly exhibited a distinctly light green hue. While the contrast was stark, the comments seemed to indicate that Culpo’s fans and followers — which currently number over 4.5 million on Instagram — continue to enjoy the view.

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In the first photo of the series, Culpo peered forward in what was a slightly close-up shot of her face and upper half. As she gazed toward the camera, she held her hand to her forehead. Her plump lips, which appeared to be adorned with a muted pink lip gloss, were closed when the picture was snapped. Meanwhile, her torso was largely covered by a frilled white shirt. In the background, the leg of an over-sized teddy bear was visible.

The second snapshot was a true close-up, in which Culpo was now snuggling up against the teddy bear with her right hand caressing the top of its head. The green-tinted contacts that covered and transformed her eyes popped against her flawless, olive-toned skin in the shot. Furthermore, the neutral expression from the first picture had given way to a small smile as she looked directly into the camera. Aside from Culpo’s striking face, the only thing visible in the frame was the aforementioned plush bear.

Culpo’s latest offering proved a hit with her admirers in short order, racking up more than 35,000 likes in just over an hour after going live on her feed. Meanwhile, over 200 comments had been left, the majority of which were words of affirmation.