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Non Prescription Colored Contacts for Halloween

Thinking about getting funky eye contacts for Halloween this year?

As you can imagine, scary, FX, and color lenses are very popular at this time of year. The law, in the US anyway, requires you first see a professional eye care provider for any type of contact lenses, including Halloween non-prescription contacts.

While you can buy non-prescription contact lenses that don’t require you get your eyes fitted prior to purchase, this isn’t recommended. It’s best to see an optometrist first.

With hundreds of styles to choose from, special effect contact lenses are the perfect accessory to your already super cool Halloween or party costume. However, it’s important to take appropriate safety measures into consideration.

1. Every eye has a different size and shape along with basic parameters to correct your vision. Have your eye professional size you up for contacts.

2. If you don’t need vision correction, that’s great! People with perfect vision can have their optometrist fit and prescribe contact lenses with a non-prescription of 0.00, commonly referred to as plano.

3. Always order Halloween eye contacts from a trusted source. Take a look at their FAQs to get a better sense of what and how they sell.

Make your event a memorable one – Get people to do a double-take with your ultra-cool contacts for Halloween!

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