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Just a few of the reasons why I think Halloween is the best

The older I get, the closer Halloween gets to dethroning Christmas as my favorite holiday. Ever since I found out the truth about Santa Claus, Christmas slowly but surely began to lose its magic. While I still love Christmas, it just isn’t the same now that the leaving milk and cookies tradition and writing letters to Santa along with many other traditions have disappeared. Halloween, on the other hand, has many characteristics that makes it such a unique and enjoyable day. From the the decorations, to the costumes, to the concept of Trick-or-Treating as a whole, Halloween is hard to hate.


1. I think the decorations are super cute!

Who doesn’t love walking around their neighborhood and seeing tons of fake spiderwebs, cleverly carved pumpkins, and fake skulls? Halloween is a holiday that really encourages those who participate in it to delve deep into their creative sides and try to make their homes look as scary and interesting as possible, to attract trick-or-treaters of course, which makes the holiday that much more fun.

2. No one expects anything from me!

Unlike Christmas, where you’re expected to give gifts or Thanksgiving where you’re expected to sit around the dinner table and update all the aunties and uncles about what you’re doing with your life There are not many, if any, expectations for Halloween. While it is a beautiful thing to be able to exchange gifts with your families or share a meal/engage in conversation with them, I find that feels more enjoyable when it’s not done simply because it’s a holiday.

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3. I want to go to Halloween parties!

Although I haven’t had the chance to go to one yet, I’ve always looked forward to having the opportunity to go to a Halloween party and just have fun. Since Halloween is already a fun holiday, I have no doubts that a Halloween party would be such an amazing experience.

4. I love getting dressed up!

As a makeup lover, I get so excited over any excuse to beat my face and explore new colors, styles, etc. and Halloween is the perfect opportunity! I love being able to dress up like a character and feel like I have adopted a new persona.

5. I enjoy indulging in classic Halloween movie marathons!

While I can’t watch scary movies because they completely ruin my ability to sleep for a good week, I absolutely love the classic Halloween family movies. Growing up, I watched Scary Godmother almost every October.

6. I appreciate the Autumn/ Halloween aesthetics!

The mysterious aura of Halloween paired with the beautiful, colorful leaves of fall makes such an iconic duo. The color-scheme of reds, oranges, yellows, and browns along with the scent of rain, fog-machines, and pumpkins make me so happy and bring such a nostalgic feeling.

7. I miss Trick-or-Treating!

Trick-Or-Treating was such a fun part of my childhood that I looked forward to every year; however, the older I got, the more judgemental looks of confusion I got from the people whose doors I knocked on, which resulted in me making an overdue decision to stop Trick-or-Treating. I still get a sense of nostalgia and joy whenever I see younger children enjoying running from house to house in their adorable costumes.

8. I want to go to a haunted house attraction!

Visiting a haunted house is something that is on my bucket list for sure. Although I know I’ll be terrified in it, I have feeling it will be really fun despite the fear.

9. I feel like Picasso when I’m carving/painting pumpkins!

I absolutely love painting and other activities that allow me to channel my inner creativity so naturally, carving/painting pumpkins are no exception. It is really fun and something that I always have, and most likely always will enjoy doing.

10. I’m always down for an excuse to overeat candy!

I love candy so much and the fact that Halloween is a holiday that is dedicated to candy allows me the one day I need to indulge in the greatness that is the Reese’s Peanut Butter cup, without feeling any guilt.

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11. I absolutely adore seeing pets in costumes!

Animals in comfortable, reasonable, costumes are so adorable; owners who take the time to choose a costume for their animals and dress them are the best. It’s always a pleasure to see dogs dressed in cute superhero or movie character costumes. They always make my day.

While these are just a few of the reasons why I think Halloween is the best, there are plenty of other reasons to love this holiday. What do you enjoy most about Halloween?

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