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Jessie James Decker

Jessie James Decker on bikini confidence and running her brand with husband Eric

Jessie James Decker is a true child of the ’90s.

“If you walk into a Kittenish store, it is a throwback to the ‘90s and early 2000s; I’ve got Britney posters and Jennifer Aniston posters and the ‘Sex and the City’ movie going,” the country singer, 32, told Page Six Style of her fashion brand.

So when Decker had the opportunity to collaborate with Juicy Couture, purveyor of “super iconic” velour tracksuits, she jumped at it.

“I actually didn’t own any [Juicy sets] back in the day; we couldn’t afford it,” she recalled. “They were expensive! But I of course used to dream about them … and think, I want to have one of these one day.”


A decade or so later, Decker’s not only achieved that dream, but also had the chance to put a Kittenish spin on the early-aughts style staple in the form of color-blocked tracksuits, tie-dyed sweats sets and a pink cutout jumpsuit, all of which are now available to shop.

Decker also recently expanded her brand to include swimwear — a natural next step for the star, who’s no stranger to the sexy bikini selfie.

“We’re catering to our audience,” she said. “So I’m making [suits] that are more conservative for women that don’t want to show their butt. I’m on the other end — I want to show it off! So I’m trying my very best to design these swim pieces to make sure there’s a little something for everyone.”

Most Kittenish bikinis also feature a high-waisted cut, a conscious choice on Decker’s part.

“I personally like the stringy [suits] for tanning purposes, but if I’m gonna be around a ton of people, I want high-waisted,” she explained. “I’ve had three kids; I’ve got a massive C-section scar running across my belly! For me and my comfort zone, I’m a high-waisted girl.”

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The star shares daughter Vivianne, 7, and sons Eric, 5, and Forrest, 2, with her husband, former NFL player Eric Decker — who’s her partner in both life and business, serving as Kittenish’s president.

“Eric and I have worked together for years in different ways — we’ve had a reality show together, we’ve done lots of endorsements together,” Decker said of her 34-year-old spouse, who retired from football in 2018. “He got his degree in business management, and always really enjoyed business and the entrepreneurial side of things.”


Just don’t expect him to weigh in on his wife’s latest designs.

“He handles the business, I handle the creative,” Decker told us. “He does not give me his input on fashion; it’s not necessary. But what’s great about him is that he gets really excited when I’m enthusiastic about something … and he’s really great at helping me execute it. So we’re great business partners.”