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How to remove pieces of a contact that’s stuck under the eyelid

Sometimes a soft contact lens will rip or tear when you put it into your eye. If this happens, take the lens out of your eye immediately and replace it with a new one. Torn contact lenses have rough edges that can scratch your eye.


Additionally, a torn lens can’t properly fit on your eye. If the lens doesn’t remain centered on your eye, you may experience blurry vision, or your lens might become trapped under your eyelid.

When you try to remove a torn lens, there is a chance that some pieces of it might stay stuck on your eye. Often these pieces migrate beneath the eyelid. It can sometimes be challenging to remove very small pieces of lens from the eye.

Wash your hands, and make sure your eyes are properly moistened with drops or solution. Then use a finger to find the torn lens piece, and slide it to the outside corner of your eye with your finger.

Sometimes pieces of a contact lens will work their way to the corner of your eye if you moisten your eye and gently blink. This can sometimes make it easier to remove all the torn pieces of the contact.

You can also use artificial tear eyedrops to try to rinse the contact out of your eye.

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