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How To Prevent Infection From Bad Contact Lens Care

Your eyes are one of the most precious things you have. If you are going to wear contact lenses, it is imperative that you take great care in how you clean and store them, so that any chance of eye infection, or damage from foreign bodies can be greatly reduced. Let’s look at the basics:

    1. Read the manufacturers instruction carefully. There may be slight differences in how certain lenses are treated,don’t assume old practices still hold true.
    2. Make sure that you use the recommended solution for your contacts. Don’t try using other brands, and most importantly, never mix old and new solutions.
    3. Just using water to store lenses, even in an emergency, is not a good idea even if the water is sterilized. Tap water has microorganisms that may not be harmful to drink, but Acanthamoeba can cause eye infections.
    4. Use the contact lens storage cases, don’t use ones from previous lenses or borrow any from a friend. Make sure they are regularly cleaned out. Use only the recommended solution.
    5. Always use the lenses for their prescribed length of time. Don’t be tempted to re-use throwaways, or stretch the use of a pair beyond their stated lifespan.
    6. Don’t wipe lenses with material that can leave microscopic traces of lint, or even scratch the polymer. It is better to use a very clean finger and the palm of your hand,with proper cleaning solution. Then wash any residue or debris that may still be clinging to the lens. A single hair is often a culprit.
    7. If you have an existing eye condition or are suffering irritation, do not wear contacts, until it is cleared up. We suggest you visit your doctor or optician to get advice first.
    8. Always use trusted suppliers and quality lenses. Getting a cheap bargain, may be good for some items, but not where your eyes are concerned.
    9. If you experience pain when you are wearing contacts, take them out at once, they could be damaged.
    10. If you are careful, there should be no problems with wearing lenses, many people find them far more comfortable than glasses and have been using them for years without problems. You are also not likely to sit on them or leave them on the train.
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