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How to Know if I Am Still Wearing My Contact Lenses?

Even experienced ones may lose track of them, especially if they have gotten used to them or are very comfortable wearing one.  There is always a chance that contacts may have fallen out or may have taken some stroll, especially if you feel weird about your eyes. There are times that they may disappear under your eyelids but this usually happens, so don’t worry too much about it.

First, check the surroundings before you focus on your eye.  Try the nearby ground and area, it could be there.  Usually, they have a green and blue tint with them, so it would be easier to find them.


Next, go in front of the mirror and examine your face.  There are times that contacts fall out and lay on the cheek. However, you are probably looking at your eyes, If you will look closely, you will notice that there is an outline of your contacts around the iris so if you see it, that means it is still there. The next thing to do is to slowly rub the upper eyelid if the contacts have slightly folded.  Next, hold the lower eyelids down to see if the lens is there.  Lastly, also check the upper eyelid, if it is there, just close eyes and blink and it will automatically lead to the iris of your eye.

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