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How to Easily Remove Contact Lenses

Contact lenses allow you to see clearly without wearing eyeglasses. However, they cannot permanently remain in the eye and must be removed for cleaning and to allow eyes to rest. Although there are many different types of contact lenses, the removal process is very similar for each pair. Following these directions, you will be able to remove and store your lenses, whether soft or rigid, without causing damage to your eyes or the contact lenses.

  • Soft Contact Lenses

      • 1

        Wash and dry hands thoroughly.

      • 2

        Close sink drain before removing lenses and place a towel down, as well, to catch the lens if you should drop it.

    • 3

      Place a few drops of a wetting solution in the eye to loosen up the lens.

    • 4

      Look up and use the index finger to gently slide the contact lens in a downward direction. As soon as it is down, use thumb and index finger to gently grasp the lens and pull it off of the eye. Very gently rub the lens to unfold and restore it to its original shape.

    • 5

      Place lens in storage case and cover with storage solution. Replace storage lid with correct marking (right or left). Repeat process for second lens.

    Rigid Contact Lenses

    • Wash and dry hands thoroughly.
    • Close sink drain and place white or light colored towel down, as well. Rigid lenses are much smaller than soft lenses; therefore, it’s best to make certain you’ll be able to see the lens if you should drop it during removal.
    • Lean over sink, and begin with right eye. Cup left hand beneath the eye. Place right index finger at outer corner of the right eye and pull eyelids toward outer corner of eye socket. This action loosens the suction of the contact lens and pops it out of the eye. Depending on length of eyelashes, the lens may get stuck in lashes instead of falling into the cupped hand. If so, gently brush lashes with finger and grab lens or allow it to fall into your cupped hand.
    • Place lens in storage case and cover with storage solution. Replace correctly marked lid and repeat the process with the left eye.
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Tips & Warnings

  • Keep eyeglasses next to the sink so that you won’t be completely without sight once you remove the contact lenses. Handle soft lenses very gently to prevent tearing or damaging them.
  • Never remove lenses while sitting in front of a fan, air conditioner or anywhere with a strong breeze. Do not use fingernails to grasp soft lenses, as this can cause the lens to tear. Rigid contact lenses must not be folded, as this will cause irreversible damage.


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