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How To Choose Colored Contact Lenses for Men

Colored contact lenses can take ordinary eye-color to extraordinary eye color. For men it can be like the cosmetic no one knows you are wearing. If Mother Nature gave you less than memorable eye color, you can jazz it up by going blue, green or chocolate brown. There are even blends of different colors that can give you back your twinkle.

How to Choose the Best Color for You

  • 1.Different colors will work differently depending on whether your natural eye color is light or in the darker range. The intensity of color will depend on the lens color that you select as well as the brand.
  • 2.If your eyes are light, select a color that will enhance your existing eye color. You can easily go for aquamarine, ocean blue, or emerald green, or colors that will completely change any eye color with hues such as chestnut brown, sapphire blue, hazel green, jade green, pearl gray, warm honey, and deep blue.
  • 3.For the man with darker eye color, select from colors such as jade, blue, aqua, green, hazel, gray, blue, topaz and brown.
  • 4.There are also contact lenses that offer blended colors that are actually three colors in one lens. This will allow both naturally light and dark eyes to have varied hues of colors.
  • 5.Once you choose the color, be sure to examine the results in both indoor and outdoor light. Grab a mirror and go outdoors into the daylight to be sure eye color is good in all types of light.

Tips & Warnings

  • The key to successfully enhancing your eye color is to keep it natural. Enhance your looks by keeping your skin color and hair color in mind. Always get a second opinion from someone you trust before you make your purchase.
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