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How Do Colored Contact Lenses Work?

Color lenses work by utilizing the same soft lens technology used in many prescription lenses, but without refracting or focusing light rays. The lens itself will be colored to change the eye color, but the pupil is left exposed and uncolored so the light rays pass through to the retina as usual.

Even though cosmetic contact lenses do not usually correct vision disorders, it is possible to have prescription color contacts that do. Mostly though, color contacts will either enhance your natural eye color or change it completely. You can change blue eyes to brown eyes and vice versa, or even turn your eyes white, red or whatever you feel like. Some color lenses simply serve to enhance your natural eye color, making one of the shades present in your iris the more dominant one.

These natural color contact lenses are popular with the likes of fashion models as they seek to make their eyes brighter or darker according to their current needs, while they remain perfectly natural looking. There are also many celebrities who regularly use natural looking lenses to adjust or enhance their eye colors, such as Paris Hilton and Jennifer Aniston, to such a degree that you might not recognize them without their lenses in.

All in all, contacts are not really any different in the way they work from glasses as it’s all about bending light rays so that they focus in the right place of the eye. Other than that, color contacts also give you the option to change your eye color, should you have a certain look you want to emulate. Whether it’s a natural color enhancement you want or a pair of crazy colored eyes to perfect a costume, we have everything you need right here at BuyingForBeauty.com

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