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businessman's legs entangled with deflated balloons
businessman's legs entangled with deflated balloons

Halloween Game:Battle of the Balloons Party Game for Adults

Battle of the Balloons is an active and hilarious Halloween party game for adults. This one will really get your guests up and moving!

What You’ll Need for Battle of the Balloons

  • Balloons (orange and black work great for Halloween)
  • Strings of equal length to tie to the balloons

How to Play Battle of the Balloons

To play this game, start by dividing your guests into two teams and put them on each side of the room.

Have your guests each grab a balloon and tie it to one of their ankles.

Yell “Go” and have each team wobble towards each other, using their feet to try to break the other team’s balloons. No hands allowed!

When a person gets their balloon popped they are out of game and they need to move themselves over to the side of the room.

Winning Battle of the Balloons

The team who has the last person to have their balloon popped is the winner.

Battle of the Balloons Variations

Here are some variations that can make Battle of the Balloons a lot more fun and interesting.

  1. Give each team a few minutes to come up with a strategy. It will be interesting to see if an offense really is the best defense.
  2. Tie a balloon to both ankles. Double the balloons, double the fun.
  3. Forget the teams and have each person play for themselves.
  4. Turn up the Halloween music and have guests dance to the monster mash during the game.

Battle of the Balloons Tips

Here are some tips to help you stretch your dollar and get more out of your balloons.

  1. Plan this game for later in the night so you can use the balloons you’ve decorated with for this game.
  2. Double up the balloon game fun by having your guests guess the number of balloons you have before you start popping them.
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