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Every Type of Lash Extension for Halloween Costumes

It’s never too early to start planning your competition-winning Halloween costume. Every detail matters when you’re putting together a look and creating a character through costume. Even down to your eyelashes.

Finding the right type of lash extension for your Halloween look takes careful consideration. It needs to match your eye shape as well as the color and drama that you’re looking for.

With all the options for eyelash extensions available, it can be hard to decide what will work best. Learn more about each extension style and find the one that fits your Halloween costume design.

Plastic Synthetic

Plastic synthetic lashes are one of the most affordable eyelash options available. They are constructed out of plastic fibers and can feel heavier on the eyes and look slightly less natural.

However, they are accessible and can be found at almost any drugstore. When you’re looking for lash extensions for Halloween, plastic synthetic lashes can add more drama to your look. They are also good for shorter-term wear.

Make sure you include the other lash extension supplies you might need to put on and remove your extensions.

Mink Lashes

When you are looking for professional lashes, mink tends to be a commonly seen and requested option. Mink lashes that are from reputable vendors are collected from brushing the mink’s tail without harming the animal.

So, if animal cruelty plays a role in your hair and makeup purchases, there’s no worry when buying mink lashes.

These extensions can look like more natural eyelash growth due to their lightweight composition and more fluttery appearance.

Fox Fur Lashes

While mink lashes are somewhat expensive, fox fur lashes are even more so. They are incredibly soft and velvety.

These lashes also have a bit of a tapered edge, which is great for makeup looks that need to reflect the true curve and flow of the eyelash.

Fox fur lashes are known for being handmade, but it’s also important to confirm cruelty-free breeders for these lashes.

Horse Hair Lashes

Another option for more natural-looking eyelash extensions is horse hair lashes. To manufacture these lashes, hair is brushed from the tail of the horse.

These lashes have less of a sleek shine than fox fur, but they are more slender and feather-like.

Silk Synthetic Lashes

Contrary to what the name implies, these lash extensions are not entirely made of silk. The makeup is specifically constructed to appear silky and shiny.

If you’re looking for a mid-range lash extension, these fit the bill. They’re not super heavy, but also not light, and they have plenty of flexibility.

All these factors mean that they can come in a wide variety of curl shapes and lengths. So you can purchase lashes that match the eye makeup for Halloween that you’re striving for.

Every Type of Lash Extension

Finding the best type of lash extension for your Halloween costume can be a tough choice. It has to match the theme of your look, as well as be accessible and dramatic.

With these tips, you can find the most fitting extensions for your winning Halloween outfit.

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