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Enhance Your Appearance With Colored Contact Lenses

Nothing shows up your face more than the color of your eyes, and a nice friendly smile. It is your point of contact with everyone,the eyes say it all,make sure you get noticed.You can be intense, startling,or alluring. In fact, you can choose when to be any one of them,by just popping in a pair of colored contact lenses.

It may be that you just want to emphasis the natural color of your eyes, by adding a slightly stronger tint,or go for a completely different image,that will enhance your choice of outfit, for a particular occasion. What if you have just grown tired of your old look, and want a make-over that is more permanent. There is nothing like a change of hair style and color, and why not have those bright blue or intense green eyes, you have always wanted.

You can choose from throw-away lenses that are very affordable, or 90 day lenses that will give you time to decide if you like your new look. If you settle on a particular tint,then it is possible to purchase yearly lenses. Don’t worry if you have to normally wear glasses; it is easy to obtain prescription lenses in most color tones.

Blue Contact Lenses

One of the most popular colors has always been blue. Somehow they seem to add a sense of charisma to any face, just think of Paul Newman or Jennifer Lawrence. They appear to have an intensity that looks right through you. Although it is possible to buy really bright blue lenses,they may be a bit too powerful, except for special occasions, and something like Blue one tone lenses would be more suitable for day to day wear.

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Green Contact Lenses

Green lenses, especially the more muted and darker tones, carry mystery and depth with them. It is said they entice and entrance you, and exude a feeling of deep knowledge. They may not be as instantly striking as a strong blue,but people will look at you with more intensity, once they focus in. Take a look at these gorgeous green three tone lenses,they are full of nuances, smoldering with intensity.

Black Contact Lenses

Black lenses are really meant for those who want to make a statement about their choice of appearance. They would go well with those who like to dress in very dark colors,expressing a brooding character. It would suit Goths or Matinee idol looks. If you have the type of character to carry off the effect, they would be ideal for adding a real sense of danger to your face.

For the rest of us, try Black & gold contact lenses for a stunning look. General color lenses are affordable and therefore it would be quite possible to build up a range of different ones. Changing your make-up may come naturally, so why not your eye color as well. Take a look at the wide range available on this site, to see what would suit you.