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Crazy Makeup And Hair Has Never Looked So Good! See For Yourself

We get it. Waves are in. Red lips are in. Natural looks are in. And bushy brows? So last season. Lately the runway reports have been a total snoozefest as far as the overall styling is concerned, so we’ve bypassed the obvious trends and brought you some of the wildest over-the-top beauty ideas straight off catwalks from New York to Paris. If neon hair, smeared face paint, and space-age lipstick don’t put a spring in your beauty routine, we don’t know what will.

Vivienne Westwood


In true Westwood spirit, the makeup at her runway show wasn’t simple. Westwood commented later that she wanted each model to look “like an animal trapped in the headlights trying to flee.” The makeup had an artistic and eerie feel, with splashes of black and red over faces that were painted white—all together, it brought a weathered and emotional look to the more accessible clothes. The hair—teased, lightly crimped, and piled high—was a hauntingly beautiful disaster that only Westwood could have conceived.

Betsey Johnson


Jem and Barbie were playschool rivals in the ‘80s, but it seems they joined forces in inspiring the fun retro looks that danced and skipped down the runway at Betsey’s spring show. Models donned powder pink wigs with straight bangs and crimped curls that stuck out on all sides. The matching silver lipstick and heavy shadow was broken up with inky black eyeliner applied on both top and bottom lids. Combined with the crinoline skirts, leopard details, and casual-cute Betsey styling, this collection was fit for an ’80s-obsessed teen!

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Emporio Armani


Tiny braids bobby-pinned in place as though being set for a lush, wavy style covered models heads on the Armani catwalk. If the look is coming into style, then maybe we do fuzzy Armani pin-braids by day and unravel for pretty waves by night. This ‘90s inspired look might just be the most practical hair idea we’ve seen in awhile!

Jeremy Scott

Jeremy Scott’s runway show had a whole lot of cartoon-esque hair straight out of 1963—slicked back and teased bouffants flipped out at the ends, with severe zig-zag side bangs. The style felt like it came right out of an Archie comic. The makeup, though somewhat overshadowed by the big hairstyles, consisted of gorgeous cat eyes in a shimmery plum shadow. Perfect for fall!

Meadham Kirchhoff


The collection had a gothic–meets–farm girl twist, with doll-like clothing and costumery, paired with long orange hair that screamed Pippi Longstocking. The hair felt a bit Victorian but was undoubtedly adventurous and fun.

Thom Browne


The extreme electrified updos seen at the Thom Browne show, left us wondering how the models took the style out. Mischa Golebiewski, hair stylist at Bumble and Bumble, gave us some insight on how the style was achieved. “We blow dried the hair with thickening spray and added texture with a curling iron. Then we backcombed it, and finished with hairspray.” The hair, led by stylist Jimmy Paul, took nearly an entire can of white hair powder per model! Paired with the Heath Ledger–Joker makeup and intense couture detailing, the look was beautiful and a little spooky.

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What were your absolute favorite looks from the runways?

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