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Colored Contacts Without Prescription

Colored contacts without prescription lenses are becoming more and more common as ways to enhance or change the wearer’s natural eye color. These lenses are often called Plano contacts and can be ordered online through many retail outlets. Most of the major prescription contact lens manufacturers, like Bausch & Lomb, Johnson & Johnson (Acuvue) and Vision Solutions, have offerings in this market. Cosmetic contacts need not be worn every day, but they can be worn to enhance your eye color for special occasions or even just to match an outfit.

When searching for prescription free colored contacts to wear for cosmetic purposes, there are a few things you should know. We have provided some valuable tips here. Feel free to bookmark this website for future reference.

Is a Prescription Really Needed for Colored Contacts?

Though these contacts do not feature prescription lenses (ones that magnify or assist with your vision), they will require a prescription from a doctor if you would like to order them. It’s the law, actually.

As of 2005, Congress mandated that all contacts sold within and to customers in the United States must be accompanied by a doctor’s prescription:

H. R. 371

The Congress finds as follows:

All contact lenses have significant effects on the eye and pose serious potential health risks if improperly manufactured or used without appropriate involvement of a qualified eye care professional.

Most contact lenses currently marketed in the United States, including certain plano and decorative contact lenses, have been approved as medical devices pursuant to premarket approval applications or cleared pursuant to premarket notifications by the Food and Drug Administration (‘‘FDA’’).

FDA has asserted medical device jurisdiction over most corrective and noncorrective contact lenses as medical devices currently marketed in the United States, including certain plano and decorative contact lenses, so as to require approval pursuant to premarket approval applications or clearance pursuant to premarket notifications.

All contact lenses can present risks if used without the supervision of a qualified eye care pro fessional. Eye injuries in children and other consumers have been reported for contact lenses that are regulated by FDA as medical devices primarily when used without professional involvement, and noncorrective contact lenses sold without approval or clearance as medical devices have caused eye injuries in children.

The reasoning behind this is that even though they will not be offering any corrective vision benefits, a good fit is necessary to ensure the health of the eye. Even colored contacts without prescription are made to fit eyes with certain diameters, and this measurement can only be taken by an ophthalmologist or optometrist. Most eye exams are relatively inexpensive, and prescriptions are valid for at least a year.

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Ordering Color Contacts

After obtaining a prescription, you can order contacts from anywhere, whether through your doctor or online. The best selection and prices are often found online and a quick search should yield a number of retailers that sell colored contacts without prescription lenses. As stated above, it is illegal to sell contacts of any kind within the US without a prescription, so be wary of sites that do not require a doctor’s prescription. They may not be selling the best or safest products.

Colors Available

There are three main types of tints available on contact lenses. A visibility tint will change the color of the lens itself, but the color will not be visible when the contact is worn. The second type is called an enhancement tint. These translucent lenses will not usually change eye color, but can make the color you have more vibrant. Therefore, those with light blue eyes can use blue enhancement lenses to give them a more piercing, striking affect.

The last types, and probably the most popular type of colored contact without prescription lenses, are color tints. Not only will these cosmetic lenses allow the wearer to choose any natural eye color, they are also available in almost any color and pattern imaginable. It is these opaque lenses that are often used as part of costumes to give the cat eye or red eye effect, but they can be daily wear for anyone who wants to try something different.

Take Care of Your Colored Contact Lenses

Anyone who is interested in trying colored contacts without prescription lenses should be aware that they must be cared for in the same way as prescription lenses. They must be cleaned regularly, taken out and stored each night, and worn only for the amount of time indicated. Though they can be worn by anyone, dirty, scratched, or old lenses can still cause eye infections or irritation in users. Lenses should not be shared, as eye infections are often asymptomatic and can be spread easily with shared lenses. A standard lens cleaning kit should be all that is necessary to keep your lenses clean and wearable.

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Whether you are interested in wearing colored lenses daily or just as part of a play or costume, finding the right fit for your colored contacts without prescription lenses is so important for the health or your eyes and, in the case of opaque lenses, to ensure that they do not cut down on visibility. Always visit an optometrist before placing your order.

Find Out More! Get them for Free!

Get even more great information you should know about colored contacts without prescription lenses including how to get colored contacts for free.

Colored Contacts Without a Prescription

Did you know that you can purchase colored contacts without a prescription? Well, you can.

People have been wearing non prescription contacts for years. They are widely used among actors in Hollywood, and in theatrical settings. They are inexpensive and can be purchased from almost any where. For many people colored contacts are just samples that they purchase (as a temporary means) before they purchase the real thing. Anyone can order non prescription colored contacts, online or through the mail.

When ordering non prescription contacts, one should be weary of several things. The most important being that most non prescription contacts are made of cheap and low quality materials. This could cause damage to your eyes if the dye or paint rubs off into your eyes. This could lead to serious eye injuries, such as; infections or possibly blindness.

colored_contactsMany companies offer non prescription contacts as samples to potential customers. They usually give out promotional discounts, at the purchase of one, or more pairs of contacts. They are for cosmetic purposes only, and should not be used as a means to correct vision impairments. The major manufacturers are counting on individuals to make the switch to their brand, by introducing their products as samples or free trials. Non prescription contacts have no visual strength, and are not intended to be used over long periods of time. Samples and cosmetic colored contacts should not to used on a regular basis. You should consult your doctor if you desire to wear contacts on a regular basis.

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Colored contacts without a prescription can be purchased at a variety of places. They are available at malls, at gas stations, and also at beauty salons. The easiest and quickest way to obtain them is online. The internet has tons of websites that are currently advertising colored contacts without a prescription. You can order your sample from the most reputable businesses in the world. These well renowned business owners have built their reputation on providing only the best in customer service and satisfaction. It would be wise to try before you buy. Non prescription colored contacts without a prescription would be the best option in this case.

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