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Colored Contact Lenses

Are you a brown-eyed girl, wondering what you’d look like with baby blues? While colored contact
lenses are a way to experiment with your eye color, they should never be thought of as merely a
cosmetic accessory. As fun as changing your look may be, as with any contact lenses, colored contacts must be used and treated with proper care and hygiene, otherwise, you risk doing serious damage to your eyes and your vision.

With that understanding, colored contact lenses are a great way to change your look for both those who need vision correction and those who don’t. Whether you need a vision corrective power or you are just looking for plano (non-corrective) lenses to wear out on the town, all color contact lenses require a prescription according to United States law. Contact lenses are considered a medical device and must be properly fitted to your eye. Additionally, it is essential to receive proper instructions for application, care and removal, since proper lens care is essential to eye safety.

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind when considering the use of colored lenses:

1) Always follow the schedule of use as prescribed by your doctor. Depending on your lifestyle
and wearing comfort, color lenses are available as two-week replacement lenses as well as
daily disposable lenses.
2) Always clean, disinfect and store lenses according to your eye doctors instructions.
3) Make sure your hands are clean during application and removal.
4) Never share any contact lenses with others.
5) If you are experiencing discomfort, discontinue use and if symptoms persist seek out medical

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It’s also important to try on the colored contact lenses to make sure they are comfortable and do not affect your ability to see clearly. While colored lenses are just as safe as regular contact lenses, some people experience discomfort, dryness or irritation when applying lenses.

Colored or tinted contact lenses are made to either enhance your natural eye color (enhancement tint) or change it to a different shade altogether (opaque tint). When deciding which colored lenses to choose to transform your appearance, it is important to consider your natural eye color, hair color and skin tone to ensure that you achieve a new, natural look.

Some colors are suited to light color eyes while other colors are suitable for dark eyes. If you want to explore different color options to see how different colors will look, we are available to guide you in your choice and help you try on the options you are considering.

If you are considering a fun change to your eye color, it’s important to be informed about your decision. Schedule an appointment with and eye doctor to find out more and explore your color contact lens options.