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Color Contact Lens

If you are a color contact lens user, you may be in need of some care tips to ensure that your contacts look and function their best. Caring for colored contacts is really no different than caring for standard contact lenses, but it cannot hurt to learn a few simple tricks that will help you keep your contacts clean and sanitary. Read on to see how you could take care of your contact lenses.

Minimize Wear

While there is nothing wrong with wearing a color contact lens on a daily basis, you need to make sure that you do not wear them overnight. If you keep your contacts on overnight, they can actually suffocate and irritate your eyes. It only takes a few seconds to take out your contacts and drop them in solution, so try to do that as often as your eye doctor requires. Sometimes your eyes just need a chance to breathe.

Rinse Your Contact Tray

The tray that you store your color contact lens in can get contaminated over time. It is important to rinse that out every time you change your solution so you can have a nice, clean surface to rest your contacts in. All you have to do is rinse the tray out with warm water to get the majority of the grime out. You may also wipe with a paper towel at some point in time, depending on how often you clean the tray. Proper cleaning will pay off in the end.

Change Your Solution

Never re-use the solution for your color contact lens. You should change that out every day, even if that adds one minute of work to your schedule. The only time you can keep solution in a tray for a long period of time is if you do not wear your contacts for awhile. Otherwise, the fresher, the better.

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