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Celebrities Who Love Wearing Contact Lenses

Being a celebrity means that you are in the spotlight almost the whole time, chased by desperate photographers, eager for that shot that will sell to the newspapers. If you want to keep up an image,it is a full time job just looking great the whole time. The use of color contact lenses is a widespread fashion phenomenon amongst famous people. For some, the color changes according to a whim, for others they have stuck with a certain color, to the extent that many think it is their natural shade. Let’s look at some who love wearing contact lenses.

Colored Lenses On The Red Carpet

Paris Hilton is always on the front page of one magazine or another. But although her style of clothes is always up with fashion,she has stuck by her favorite lenses for many years. She wears opaque blue/grey that stands out bright and fresh from her normally clear skin,tanned or not. She is also fond of the big eye variety,which accentuates the effect,making her eyes the focal point of her face. Take a look at Solar blue as an example of how you can achieve a similar appearance, or three tone blue, for a more brilliant effect.

As trend setters,celebrities have almost an obligation to look better than normal,the whole concept is for fans to want to emulate them. You will see trends quickly appearing on the street, often inspired by someone in the music or film business. When Jennifer Aniston (brown eyes), Jessica Alba (Brown eyes) and Megan Fox (hazel) all start wearing blue big eye lenses,then you can bet many fans will also change.

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There are plenty of male celebrities who like wearing different color lenses. Even if Tom Cruise prefers his natural color, Orlando Bloom was certainly very noticeable as Legolas, with bright piercing blue contacts. However in normal life he also wears blue prescription contacts to change his natural brown eyes and also correct his vision.


Ivanka Trump is a truly stunning woman, who would look good in any shade of lenses. Her normal dark brown eyes are often given a boost by using a golden hazel color over them. There are very few people with genuine vivid blue eyes such as Pierce Brosnan or Paul Newman, this is because research shows that it is an effect of the immune system which limits the amount of melanin in the eye that protects us from sunlight.

Amber Rose is a model,actress,singer and designer who already had a stunningly different look. But when her natural dark eyes are covered with almost opaque white lenses with fresh grey pupils, hair cut short and dyed white, against tanned skin, she is pure exotic.

Penelope Cruz is the perfect example of a gorgeous Latina. Famous for roles in films such as Captain Corelli’s mandolin and Vanilla sky, she has the classic Sophia Loren look, and stunning natural brown eyes. However she is also a celebrity that likes to experiment with different color lenses. There is no reason why you should not achieve the same look, take some time to scan our wide selection of color and wide eye contact lenses here at BuyingForBeauty.com