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Makeup Tips for Violet Colored Contacts

Violet Colored Contacts

Violet is a form of purple. The complementary colors of purple are green, yellow, and orange. Once again, think of similar colors for yellow and orange since they may seem a bit harsh as eyeshadow. When it comes to eyeliner, however, violet contacts need the bold definition. So, rather than ...

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Makeup Tips for Hazel Colored Contacts

Hazel Colored Contacts

For those with hazel eyes, you have two options. You can either play up the browns in your eyes or the greens! Remember, brown eyes look best with blues, greens, golds and purples. Green eyes look fabulous with pinks and purples.

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Makeup Tips for Green Colored Contacts

Green Colored Contacts

The opposite of green is pink, red and purple. Most people avoid red eye makeup to keep from looking tired or sick. However, pinks and purples look fantastic. For the office, consider using a neutral shadow on your eyelids with some purple close to the eyeline. At night, create a ...

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Makeup Tips for Blue Colored Contacts

Blue Colored Contacts

Look at the complementary color for blue. It is the color opposite the blue on the color wheel. The color is orange, but few people want to wear orange eyeshadow! So, think about colors similar to orange. These include: Gold Copper Browns with a hint of orange Terracotta For these ...

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Makeup Tips for Brown Colored Contacts

Brown Colored Contacts

Brown is the only exception when it comes to the color wheel. Pretty much every color goes well with brown, so you have a wide variety of choices with this eye color. Purple and dark gold shades help make your eyes bolder. But if you want to really make your ...

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5 MINUTE Eye Makeup Tutoria


In today’s video I am showing you all a quick 5 minute makeup look using mainly Drugstore products. Actually everything is drugstore makeup except for the eyeshadow primer. Definetly let me know if you know a good eyeshadow primer that is drugstore so I can starting use them in my ...

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Carter and Jane The Everything Tool

Carter and Jane The Everything Tool

Just as its name suggests, the Carter and Jane The Everything Tool ($298) does everything. It has six modes: cleanse for the entire face; mircocurrent technology to smooth the under-eye area; thermal technology for moisture infusion; electrical muscle stimulation to lift and tighten; radio frequency paired with red light to increase collagen; and ...

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12 Eve Makeup Look Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Break out your most festive manicure, throw on the fanciest outfit in your closet, and pop a bottle of bubbly because New Year’s Eve is finally here and it’s time to kiss 2020 goodbye. What we’re lacking in lavish parties and large get-togethers this year we’ll make up for with full ...

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The Ultimate Jewelry Care Guide

Silver, gold, platinum, and then all the precious gemstones that you love: your jewelry collection truly is something else. But hang on a minute, is everything still as sparkly, glossy, and gorgeous as it used to be when new? Chances are that your older pieces have lost their luster over ...

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