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can i wear contacts with a different diameter

It is not recommended to wear contact lenses with a different diameter from your prescription. If the diameter is too wide, the lens will be loose in the eye and may slip out of place. If the diameter is too small, the lens will have a tight fit, causing discomfort.


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What is the diameter?

The diameter of a contact lens is the width of the lens from edge to edge. It is also expressed in millimetres. This number is usually between 13 mm and 15 mm, though it can be as small as 9mm if a rigid gas-permeable lens, and it determines where the lens will sit in your eye.1 When you wear a contact lens with the appropriate diameter, the lens will remain stable in your eye, i.e. hold its position. If you wear a contact lens with the wrong diameter, it can cause discomfort and may even fall out.

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