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Are Halloween contacts safe for your eyes?

The right pair of creepy contacts can really make a costume, but are they safe?

A local optometrist tells us that these types of wild contacts are safe… if they’re fitted properly. Dr. Sabherwal saying people should visit their eye care providers to ask about these types of contacts.  The eye care providers are able to order the specialty lenses from a safe manufacturer and make sure they are fitted to your eye properly.

Ravinder Sabherwal, Optometrist, says, “Some of the concerns would be if they’re too tight on the eye and all of the sudden this person gets a corneal ulcer, or if there’s a tear in the lens… Or I could foresee somebody reusing a lens every year that they bought 10 years ago, you know, and of course, that’s unsafe. So it’s a lot of common sense.”

Dr. Sabherwal says contacts are considered a medical device and regulated by the government.  If you are able to purchase them online or in a store without a prescription, they’re probably illegal and unsafe.

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