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Are Cosplay Colored contacts safe?

Your costume is perfect and you’re so excited. In fact, you’re certain to be in the running for the best costume at the event you’re going to. All that you need is a pair of the perfect cosplay contacts to add the finishing touch to your outfit.

You’ve already spent a lot to put together your costume, so you’re looking to save some money on your lenses. You remember that your friends mentioned you can get a cheap pair of fake contacts online without even needing a prescription. But is that a good idea?


Every year, there are more than 33,000 emergency room visits for contact lens injuries in kids and teens. A large portion of those is due to the incorrect use of cosmetic contacts.

Are you thinking of using these lenses for your next major comic con convention? Then read on! Here’s everything you need to know before putting colored cosplay contacts into your eyes.

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