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70 of the Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes of All Time

For we, the little people, there are only a couple times a year where we can really get ALL dolled up and pretend to rock the red carpet (the sidewalk) posing for all the paparazzi (our Instagram-loving friends) and rolling in adoration and riches (Instagram Likes and Reese’s peanut butter wrappers). That’s Halloween, in case you’re like, what day is it? Stars get to feel that way basically all the time and yet still, on this holy holiday they manage to rock it out. Even more than the ush. To give you more (we know you needed it) inspo for your 10/31 getup, here’s a look at some of our favorite celebrity Halloween costumes from years past, and a bunch from this year. Ugh, yes, the stars beat us to that too.

1. Lauren Conrad as a Mermaid: It’s not even officially Halloween yet and LC has already won Halloween with her seashell bustier and sophisticated sequins. It’s not too late to give this a DIY try! You might not have the ocean at your disposal, but we bet you could cheat with a trip to Michaels. (via Lauren Conrad)

2. Iggy Azalea as Cruella De Vil: We won’t ask where the other 100 dalmatians are — this costume is so good we’re almost afraid to. (via DailyMail)

3. Beyoncé as a Bee: We would have told her to crown this look with a, well, crown to achieve the ultimate Queen BEY/BEE look, but maybe that would be a little redundant. (via Fashion Inspo)

4. Ed Sheeran as Chucky: Work with what the good lord gave ya — in this case, ginger tresses. (via @teddysphotos)

5. Lucy Hale as the Twitter Bird: Who knew the PLL star had DIY chops to boot? We do now, see you at our our 2015 Halloween costume makeathon, Lucy Hale. (via @lucyhale)

6. The Boston Bruins as the Cast of Frozen: This will warm even the iciest of hearts this Halloween. The Boston Bruins dressed up as Frozen characters (not that odd, considering ice is certainly their element) to visit the Boston Children’s Hospital this year. <3 We told you. (via Today)

7. Liv Tyler’s Bun in the Oven: You know we love a good pun, we LIVE for a clever spin on a maternity Halloween costume and finally finished The Leftovers (omg so good) so Liv Tyler gets As across the board for her getup this year. (via@misslivalittle)

8. Michelle Trachtenberg’s Last Minute Look: This is last minute?! Teach us your ways, MT! We have a GREAT idea for her this year — how ‘bout Harriet the Spy? No? Okay. (via @michelletrachtenberg)

9. Kelly Osbourne and Ryan Randall as Magenta and Riff Raff: It’s just a jump to the left… (via @KellyOsbourne)

10. Lauren Conrad as a Tooth Fairy: LC gave this pretty costume a couple’s twist by having boo William dress as a dentist. (via Lauren Conrad)

11. Jessica Alba as Dora: This throwback costume for the star is still one of our faves and would make a pretty easy last minute getup. Psst — fun fact alert! That feathered friend is none other than Halloween lova Heidi Klum. (via Modelinia)

12. Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo as November Rain: We’ve seen Guns N Roses themed costumes before (hey, Anj and Dave) but this couple costume kicks the creativity up another notch. (via Harper’s Bazaar)

13. Ellen Degeneres as Nicki Minaj: We wouldn’t mind seeing the reverse of this costume and/or seeing Ellen update the look for 2014. Anaconda-style. (via The Ellen Show)

14. Demi Lovato as a Cat: Wait. Is it just us or is this a nod to Miley?! We can’t remember if they’re friends right now or not… hang tight. We’ll Google it and get back to you. (via @ddlovato)

15. Rashida Jones as a Charms Blow Pop: This is a group costume waiting to happen. Dibs on Sour Apple! (via People)

16. Julie Bowen as Gangnam Style: And we thought *our* group Gangnam Style costume was the best… (via DailyMail)

17. Chris Colfer as Grumpy Cat: There’s really no wrong way to be a cat this Halloween, but we think Chris’ is our favorite so far. (via @hrhchriscolfer)

18. Nick and Vanessa Lachey’s Sugar Skulls: Dia de los cuteness, more like. (via@vanessalachey)

19. Heidi Klum as an Old Lady: You know how people do the thing where they dress sexy for Halloween? The super sexy Heidi Klum was totally transformed into an old woman for her big par-tay last year and, damn she still looks fab. (viaHuffington Post)

20. Sandra Bullock + Melissa McCarthy as Fishermen: This is one way for celeb BFFs to go incognito trick-or-treating. Ugh, don’t you just want to have brunch with these two really badly?! (via Just Jared)

21. Kimye as Catwoman and Batman: It doesn’t take much to get Kim K in a catsuit, but we applaud Ye’s commitment to this couples costume. (via DailyMail)

22. Fergie as Honey Boo Boo: This girl definitely drank her Go Go Juice that AM. (via Elle)

23. Gwen Stefani as Jessie from Toy Story: How cute is it to see the ultimate cool girl getting down and dorky for her kiddies? Real freakin’ cute. (via Seventeen)

24. Miley as Lil’ Kim: Dressing up like Miley for Halloween was so last year, but dressing up like Miley dressing up like Lil’ Kim is eternally awesome. (via @mileycyrus)

25. JC Chasez as Hunter S. Thompson: We need to add this to our list of best dude costumes ever immediately. (via PopSugar)

26. NPH, David Burtka + Kiddos as Peter Pan: The superstar and his supersweet family kill it consistently, but this is an old favorite from 2012 that deserves a retweet. We hope those little ones never grow out of the group family costume. (via @actuallyNPH)

27. Martha Stewart and Blake Lively as Medusa and Cleopatra: What if these two go as Gwyneth Paltrow and Goop this year? (Too soon?) (via Just Jared)

28. Kim Kardashian as a Mermaid: Look, we’ve all been there. You want to go all out this Halloween and your +1 is like, eh, I’m good. This is a perfect compromise — well played, Kanye. (via Just Jared)

29. Vanessa Hudgens as Mary: Vanessa hasn’t revealed her 2014 costume just yet but she did kick off October getting super creepy at Knott’s Berry Farm. We can totally relate to a woman who can turn a holiday into a holimonth. Holi-holler! (viaVanessa Hudgens)

30. Demi Lovato as a Zombie: A little gore never hurt anyone even if it did scare the Milk Duds out of a trick-or-treater or two. (via Crushable)

31. Alexa Chung as the Hamburglar: We love Alexa’s cute costume idea — and that vintage McD’s uniform. (via hype.my)

32. Ashley Tisdale as a Britney Spears Zombie: She’s not that innocent, nor is she that alive. (via @ashleytisdale)

33. Kelly Osbourne + BF as Bacon + Eggs: They may be exes now but Kelly O and Luke Worrall did make a cute breakfast duo one Halloween long ago. We especially love the addition of a little bling to their getup. (via PopSugar)

34. Queen Latifah as Oprah: The best part about dressing up as our future president Oprah Winfrey is that the “You get a Twix and YOU get a Snickers and YOU get a Reese’s!” trick-or-treating line will just, like, never get old?! (viaSunTimes)

35. AnnaLynne McCord as Marie Antoinette: Let them eat king size Snickers bars! (via FabSugar)

36. Pearl Osbourne as Yoda: Papa Jack Osbourne gave his little one a free ride for trick or treating last year (we’ll let it slide, she probably couldn’t *actually* walk yet). (via @jackosbourne)

37. Snooki and JWoww as Paris and Nicole: This may not have been their Halloween costume last year but it absolutely should have been. (via Buzzfeed)

38. Jessica Simpson as a Mummy: JSimps always rocks it out, but we loved her pregnancy reveal as a mummy (get it). (via @jessicasimpson)

39. Krysten Ritter as a Zombie: This is taking pretty zombie to new levels of undead awesomeness. (via @therealkrystenritter)

40. Sarah Hyland as Recess’ Ashley Spinelli: This popular last minute look looked downright adorable on the Modern Family star a couple years back. (via Just Jared)

41. Beyoncé as the Angel She Is: Angel, royalty, whatever the case may be, she’s our Bey. (via @beyonce)

42. Naya Rivera + Hubby as a Mail-Order Bride: Well, this is one way to get another use out of your wedding dress. (via @nayarivera)

43. Roberto Cavalli as Karl Lagerfeld: How do you think Karl felt about this? We hope he got a chuckle. If he can chuckle. Take a tip from RC and dress as one of your favorite fashion icons for Halloween with our handy (insanely easy) guide. (viaMTV)

44. Ashley Madekwe as Choupette Lagerfeld: There might be a couple Karls out there this All Hallow’s Eve, but one with a Choupette accessory is next level. (viaWhoWhatWear)

45. Brad Goreski as Tavi Gevinson: You’re nobody until someone dresses up as your for Halloween, we suppose. The Rookie mag EIC should have followed Brad’s lead and dressed as him the following year, dontcha think? (via Styleite)

46. Holly Robinson Peete as Lil Wayne: Hangin’ with Mr. Weezy. (via UsMagazine)

47. Chloe Grace Moretz as Bellatrix Lestrange: Even scary, this budding it girl looks sweet. (via @chloegmoretz)

48. Adam Levine + Friends: Onesies were made to be worn on October 31st and Adam’s TBT is just further proof. (via @adamlevine)

49. Harry Styles as Miley Cyrus: We’re a little sorry that the photo quality of this ‘gram isn’t better but mostly because we want to turn it into giant wall art that canvases every square inch of our apartment? (via @louteasdale)

50. Katie Couric as Eggs Over Easy: Not one to shy away from a pun, the news anchor wore an old favorite to Heidi Klum’s Halloween party a couple year’s back — and has the easy peasy DIY scoop for you to whip it up yourself this year, last minute ladies. (via @katiecouric)

51. Matthew + Renee Morrison as Pulp Fiction: The Glee star throws a huge party every year and delivers with a solid getup every single time. We have to say, this year’s wasn’t the Glee star’s BEST costume ever (check him out as Richard Simmons and then tell us October 31st isn’t his spirit day) but we like this couple costume in all of its forms. (via PopSugar)

52. Mindy Kaling as Captain Hook: Magenta is totally Mindy’s color and the facial hair kinda suits her too. (via @mindykaling)

53. Hilary Duff as the Tooth Fairy: The Duffster hit up the Halloween circuit early this year in a very DIYable costume hand-in-hand with ex (?) Mike Comrie as Tony Stark. (via UsMagazine)

54. Seal and Heidi Klum as Eve and the Apple: What is it about exes having the best Halloween couples costumes?! Maybe the couple that does *not* dress up together, stays together. Hmm. (via Pedestrian)

55. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon as Milk and Cookies: No. Guys. Really. Like… (via NonlyPictures)

56. Colton Haynes as Fifi: There are those H-ween looks where you have to watch that YouTube tutorial a couple times to get the hang of that intricate makeup and then there are looks where you need to hire a special effects artist to truly master. This is the latter, but damn, Colton! We applaud a Halloweener willing to go all out. (via @coltonlhaynes)

57. Kathie Lee and Hoda as Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie: We swooned when the entire Today show did Halloween as the royal wedding, but this pair was probably our favorite. (via UsMagazine)

58. Jenny McCarthy as Miley Cyrus’ Tongue: The former View co-host’s take on the costume of last year was original and hilarious. Two of our favorite things around here.

59. Amber Rose as Zombie Peg Bundy: We don’t give funny-scary costumes enough love, but we have lots of props to give to this model mom’s getup. (via@amberrose)

60. Alyson Hannigan + Fam: Do you think Alyson has a rivalry with her former HIMYM star NPH on whose family is the cutest each Oct 31? I would not want to be a judge in that competition #toughjob (via NY Daily News)

61. Kourtney Kardashian + Fam: Kourt got the Halloween festivities started last week with a trip to Disneyland for her and her costumed family. (via@kourtneykardash)

62. Chace Crawford as Uncle Rico: There’s something a little lonely about going as solo Uncle Rico without the rest of the Napolean Dynamite crew, but CC’s blue eyes makes everything okay again. (via Go Fug Yourself)

63. Giuliana and Bill Rancic as Botched: This one hurts a little, but the nip tuck “trendy butt implant” patient and doc are funny if you don’t think about it too hard. (via @giulianarancic)

64. Kate Hudson in Sugar Skull Makeup: The hot mama must have felt inspired byher new pink tresses for this pretty, pretty sugar skull look. Lovin’ it (yeah, us too)?!Try our tutorial here and mix in your fave colors! (via @katehudson)

65. Claire Holt + Friends as Three Blind Mice: Still lookin’ for a costume? Grab two fellow procrastinators and try this take on the three blind mice. (via @claireholt)

66. LC as Britney, B*tch: More Lauren Conrad you want? More Lauren Conrad you get. Dressed as our girl Brit Brit. The other Brit… Brit. (via @laurenconrad)

67. Katy Perry as Daria: When you’re Katy Perry you get the chance to dress up like it’s Halloween any ol’ Tuesday, but even with that pressure, the popstar can rock it out on the Big Day. (via celebzter)

68. Nicole Richie as the Addams Family: It’s the Madden family *snap snap*! (via@nicolerichie)

69. Miranda Kerr as a Ringleader: An insta-group costume, throw any supporting players into the mix and you have enough Halloween goodness to fill up three rings! (via PopSugar)

70. Kelly and Michael as Sons of Anarchy: Having the best costumes… basically EVER must be one of the best perks of being a daytime talk show star. That and being on a first name basis with every mom/grandma from sea to shining sea. (via ABC)

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What or who are YOU dressing up as for Halloween? Stealing any of these celeb ideas or dressing up as a celeb yourself? Give us the star scoop below!

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