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5 reasons why daily disposable contact lenses are great for your eyes

Daily disposable contact lenses are for single use and they need to be discarded at the end of the day and a fresh pair needs to be applied to the eyes the next morning. Daily disposable contact lenses are becoming increasingly popular among consumers and practitioners for their health and convenience benefits. Before you consider benefits of the daily disposable lenses, here are two things to keep in mind:

  • Daily disposable should not be confused with daily wear contact lenses. A daily wear lens is the type of contact lens that needs to be removed before sleeping, because it’s not approved by FDA for overnight wear. It may be stored in the contact lens case overnight and worn the next day. Depending on the brand, such a lens might be replaced daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly. Simply put, wearing schedule and replacement schedule are two different things.
  • In the world of contact lenses, “disposable” does not always mean that it is intended for a single use. Daily wear contact lenses that are discarded after every two weeks are sometimes called disposable. Whereas “Daily disposable” is specifically used for lenses that need to be removed and discarded daily.


But, why throw away your contact lenses?

It is a known fact that the more frequently you replace your contact lenses, the more comfortable and healthier your eyes can be. Substances such as protein, calcium and lipids that are naturally present in your tears can build up over time in your lenses.  These deposits tend to make your contact lenses less comfortable over time and can increase the risk of eye infections. Although these contact lenses can be cleaned, the cleaning is not always 100 percent effective. There are small deposits that tend to stay stuck to the lens and get accumulated over time, causing discomfort and infections.

Here are 5 reasons why daily disposable contact lenses are great for your eyes:

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Daily Disposable Contact Lenses Are Great For Your Eye Health

Longer-use contact lenses tend to make your eyes uncomfortable at the end of their lifespan. This could cause serious harm to your eyes. Your

tears contain various substances such as lipids, proteins, and calcium. Small deposits of these substances start gradually building up over reusable lenses, leading to eye discomfort as well as infection. Longer-use lenses also tend to attract airborne allergens. These allergens may get deposited to the surface of your contact lenses, even after you have cleaned them with lens solution. When you opt for daily disposable contact lenses, you cut down the risk of putting a harmful build-up of allergens and other substances into your eyes, keeping them healthy and free of discomfort.


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Daily Disposable Contact Lenses Cut Down The Risk Of Serious Infections

As mentioned earlier, reusable contact lenses promote the built up of harmful substances over time and attract airborne allergens to get stuck to their surfaces. In addition to this, if you do not clean and sterilize your reusable contact lenses properly, they can become a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria to grow.

If you are wearing reusable contact lenses, it is also possible that you may forget to clean your lenses once or twice, or you may top up your cleaning solution instead of replacing it or you may simply forget to wash your hands before handling the lenses. All of these common mistakes offer an open invitation for bacteria to grow and thrive inside your eyes. When bacteria get introduced to your cornea, they could lead to a potentially serious infection. An infection of cornea known as ulcerative keratitis , initially causes inflammation and pain. If left untreated, ulcerative keratitis can cause permanent change in vision and even blindness. To prevent this serious complication, eye care professionals recommend daily disposable contact lenses as they are always sterile. This, in turn, reduces the risk of infection.

Daily Disposable Contact Lenses Make you Regular With Your Eye Checkups

Before you switch to your daily disposable contact lenses, you need to get your eyes examined by a certified eye care specialist. Many of us avoid getting regular health check-ups done be it going to see a doctor, dentist, or ophthalmologist unless something is clearly wrong. The good thing about daily disposable contact lenses is that their sale is regulated by the FDA.

This means that you will need a valid prescription to place an order for contact lenses. Not only does this ensure that you stay regular with your eye check ups, but it also benefits you as a consumer, allowing you to shop around for the best deals.

Most eye prescriptions have around a year-old expiration date. This means that you will go to your doctor at least once a year. Additionally, since you have access to an ophthalmologist, you can report any eye concern that may come up when you wear daily disposable contact lenses, such as any irritation, redness, itching changes to your vision, or if you want to change your contact lenses. This in turn ensures that your eyes stay healthy and disease free in the long run.

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Daily Disposable Contact Lenses Are More Efficient and Less Expensive

 Although traditionally, longer-use contact lenses are cheaper than most daily disposable contact lenses. But over the years, the cost of daily contact lenses has been sharply declining. With more and more brands and a wide range of contact lenses available in the market than ever before, sellers are in serious competition to offer you the best price.

The most expensive and yet the safest and highly efficient daily disposable contact lenses are those designed from silicone hydrogel. This particular substance lets more oxygen to pass through your contact lens, thereby protecting your eyes against dryness. Although these contact lenses tend to be a bit more expensive than other lenses, in the long run you end up saving money on other lens care products, like contact solutions. And if you assess the cost of daily contact lenses on a daily basis, they would not cost you much more than a cup of coffee. Now that is a small price to pay for a perfect, healthy vision!

Disposable Disposable Contact Lenses Are Super Convenient

 Although The Food and Drug Association has approved some contact lenses for overnight wear and at first glance, these overnight lenses may seem like an absolutely hassle free solution as compared to the daily disposables. However, many expert ophthalmologists do not agree to this notion.

The problem with wearing overnight contact lenses is that when people wear them, they tend to let days go by without removing these lenses. This can potentially increase the risk of serious eye infections. To prevent such complications, daily disposable contact lenses are the best option as they offer a daily ritual of inserting your contacts in the morning and removing them at night. This ensures that you’ll never forget to replace your contact lenses.

The daily disposable contact lenses are also super convenient! These contact lenses offer you the freedom to switch between eye glasses and contact lenses throughout the day. This small detail can be of huge significance to anyone who has an active lifestyle and who enjoys playing sports. Just in case you do lose a lens there is no need to panic. You can simply carry an extra set of daily contact lenses with you, so you can pop a new one in on the go. Once you start wearing daily disposable contact lenses, you will soon acknowledge that the ease and convenience of these lenses is indispensable!

So, in case you have been in two minds whether or not you should be switching over to daily disposable contact lenses, the reasons we just mentioned can help you in making that decision. We recommend that you should always speak to your ophthalmologist before you switch over and follow his/her advice to make sure that your decision is in the best interest of your eye health.

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