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25 Creepiest Halloween Makeup Ideas

Scariest Halloween makeup ideas ever! These creepy make up looks for girls are some of the most horrifying dolls, zombies, ghosts, clowns, and zipper faces.

Today we look at 25 of the creepiest makeup jobs ever

Sad clown
A sad clown. I feel like wide mouth makeup has been popular ever since Heath Ledger’s Joker in the Dark Knight batman movie

Looks very Victorian. I guess this is supposed to be a cracked porcelain doll

White face
This one’s pretty cool. Looks like an evil witch from a Disney movie

Edward Scissor
Reminds me of Edward scissor hands

Cracked doll face
This is the cracked porcelain doll face look. She sort of looks like Jennifer Love Hewitt

Eye face
Jealousy I guess? She is a Green-eyed monster

Asian half face
That eye is creepy. Also this girl doesn’t appear to have any eyelids

Double eyes
You’re not on trippin balls (well maybe you are) but this is just trippy makeup

Two face
This is two-face from the Animated series version of Batman

Eye mask
This is cool contrast between what almost looks like a blindfold and yet completely covered with eyes.

Crystal face
This looks like some disease where your face turns into crystals

Eye Mouth
Is it an eye or is it a mouth? I’ve got a question, can you see where I’m coming from?

Neck mouths
A gang of neck mouths

No mouth
It looks like her mouth was surgically sewn shut

Another doll face. Those eyes are creepy

Screamin demon
Yeah that’s pretty psycho .. Actually her eyes are the scariest part of this and there’s no makeup on them.

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Ventriloquist doll
Her face is made to look like a ventriloquist doll. I can’t get over the beautiful green of her eyes.

black eyes
Those black bug eyes are scary

Cookie Monster
She looks like a creepy cookie monster

zipper face
Zipper face. I’ve seen a couple versions of this I think it’s one of the more clever makeup ideas.

Phantom of the face, you’ve reached the point, of no return.

Wood face
Woah that’s pretty weird looking. Her face looks like wood. The face also has those saw-like big cheekbones

Cheek Blow
This is what happens when an Emo girl tries to smile.. Now you know.

How’d you like her to do your birthday party?

And now for the number 1 creepiest makeup. For more videos like this subscribe here.

Black cracks
Yes she’s terrifying

Which was your favorite makeup?

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