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Tips to lower contact lens-associated risks

“Anytime you put something on or near your eye, you’re introducing risk,” says Dr. Immler. “The biggest risk is infection.”

Dr. Immler says infection risks are lowest with daily disposable lenses because you use a fresh pair every day. For other lens types, follow good hygiene practices:

  • Soak the lenses in a disinfectant solution overnight. Replace the solution completely each day (don’t top off). Never use water.
  • Replace your case every three to six months.
  • Don’t try to extend the life of the lenses or use them longer than intended.
  • Don’t sleep in the lenses unless they’re specifically designed for nighttime use — sleeping in lenses considerably increases your risk of eye infection.
  • Use rewetting drops if you have dry eyes.
  • Wash your hands before touching your eyes or handling your contacts.
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