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The Ultimate Jewelry Care Guide

Silver, gold, platinum, and then all the precious gemstones that you love: your jewelry collection truly is something else. But hang on a minute, is everything still as sparkly, glossy, and gorgeous as it used to be when new?

Chances are that your older pieces have lost their luster over the years. This is a real shame, because it just so happens that those are also some of your favorite jewels. But before you put them away for good, have you considered trying some jewelry care tricks?

Looking after your most treasured possessions is not only possible, but also very easy to do in the comfort of your own home. So, what are you waiting for? Keep reading to find out the best ways to breathe new, shining life into each and every piece of jewelry that you own.

Sterling Silver

Did you know that the best way to prevent sterling silver from tarnishing is to actually wear it as often as possible? But if it’s too late for that, and your sterling silver jewelry is already lackluster, then you can still intervene.

Simply purchase a good quality jar of sterling silver polish, and gently wipe your jewelry with a clean, dry cloth. And voila — it will look as good as these gorgeous sterling silver bracelets: https://www.dreamlandjewelry.com/collections/sterling-silver-bracelets-1 in no time.

Gold Jewelry

Most jewelry collections feature at least a few gold items, so you’ll want to keep those clean and shiny, too. How? There is no need to buy any special detergent, as you can achieve good results with just some dish soap and water.

In a small bowl or glass, create a solution of lukewarm water and a couple of drops of soap. Then, immerse your gold jewelry and keep it in the solution for around ten minutes. Finally, simply remove it from the water, gently wipe it, brush it with a baby toothbrush, and leave it to air dry.

Diamond Jewelry

Are you the lucky owner of any diamond jewelry? Then, you’ll be pleased to know that keeping it looking radiant is a cinch. If you are in a rush, then buy some specific polish for diamond jewelry.

But if you are happy with a DIY solution, then you literally just need to replicate the process that we described for gold jewelry, but use slightly hotter water and soak your diamond jewelry for at least 30 minutes. Easy peasy, right? And the same method works great for most precious and semi-precious gemstones.

Delicate stones such as amber, coral, pearl, and turquoise should, on the other hand, never be cleaned with soap, but with a specific cleaning solution.

Make Jewelry Care Your Habit and Get Ready to Sparkle

If you follow our simple and cheap jewelry care tips, you can rest assured that you will be donning gorgeous, shiny jewelry all the time.

Most stones and gold items can be washed with a simple cleaning solution that you can make at home, but be careful with sterling silver and more delicate gemstones, as these usually require professional cleaning products.

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