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Bayou Witch Halloween Makeup Idea

Bayou Witch

As a Halloween makeup look, the Bayou witch looks complete with a pet snake. It is done creepy and beautifully well here, and it is incredibly detailed in a way that shows it took time. @kati_powderbrush 2,575 total views, 5 views today

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Edited Freddy Krueger Halloween Makeup Idea

Edited Freddy Krueger

The only thing scarier than this Halloween makeup would be if she could do the voice as well. Freddy Krueger is one of the horror classics that will always find an interpretation on Halloween. @kati_powderbrush 2,004 total views, 7 views today

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Artsy Clown Halloween Makeup Idea


Swirls and accents set this clown apart. The difference between clown Halloween looks will always be the style of paint. Artsy Clown Halloween Makeup   1,792 total views, 5 views today

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non prescription colored contacts under $10

halloween-colored-contacts-makeup (53)

where to buy non prescription colored contacts under $10? You can find so many online shops whom selling colored contacts and halloween contacts under $10 / pair, but maybe excluded shipping cost as following: ColorLens4Less.com and more and more. non prescription colored contacts under $10 2,205 total views, 8 views today

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