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Lens Care

I can’t wear my contacts as long each day as I’d like.


End-of-day discomfort has long been a challenge for contact lens wearers. A real breakthrough in this area is silicone hydrogel lenses. These new-generation soft contacts transmit greater amounts of oxygen to the eye than traditional lenses, and some silicone hydrogels are less prone to dehydration. Another strategy to combat contact ...

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When wearing contacts, my eyes occasionally feel dry.


If your dryness symptoms are only occasional, your best remedy might be over-the-counter eye drops. All drops and lenses are not compatible; be sure to follow your doctor’s recommendations. If the frequency of dryness is more than occasional, your eye doctor might recommend different contact lenses that are better suited ...

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I’m taking over-the-counter or prescription medications.


Medications can cause dry eyes, especially antihistamines or medicines used to control blood pressure. If it’s a short-term situation, consider using eye drops or temporarily discontinuing contact lens wear. If your dry eyes are caused by medications you’ll be taking on an ongoing basis, your doctor may recommend flax seed oil ...

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3 Common Mistakes Contact Lens Wearers Make


Proper care of your contact lenses, storage cases and eyes is essential to keep your eye’s health in the best shape possible. After a fitting and examination your eye care professional will give an instruction booklet, describing exactly what is necessary for you to do on a daily, biweekly and ...

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“My eyes burn when I put in my lenses.”


This shouldn’t happen, and often when it does, it’s because you are unintentionally contaminating your lenses. Contact lenses retain substances they come into contact with, such as skin lotions, soaps with moisturizers and perfumes, food oils and cosmetics. These substances can create a burning sensation if they contact your eyes. ...

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Which Contact Solution Is the Best?


There are two types of contact lens care systems: multipurpose contact lens solutions and hydrogen peroxide-based care systems. Each system has advantages and potential disadvantages. Multipurpose Contact Lens Solutions Multipurpose contact lens solutions are dual-purpose liquids that both clean and disinfect contacts. Multipurpose solutions also are called “no-rub” solutions, because ...

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The Truth About Colored Contact Lenses


There are several misconceptions about contact lenses that continue to be aired whenever the subject arises. Let’s look at some of these and try to clarify supposed and actual problems. MYTH: Color Change Eye Contacts Cause infections Unless the contact is actually damaged or scratched it is not likely to ...

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